Indian ocean

Indian ocean

Think Indian Ocean and you can’t help thinking white sand, turquoise lagoons, spectacular over-water villas, and exotic cuisine that combines tropical fruits with freshly caught fish. The clichés are a wonderful reality, but there’s much, much more to the Indian Ocean’s appeal. Dazzling fish, manta rays and dolphins that come out to play with divers in the Maldives, for example. The beachfront hotels in the Seychelles that whisper words like ‘romance’ and ‘honeymoon’.  So what are you waiting for? Call us, and dive into the depths of the Indian Ocean.


The Maldives are the most beautiful small islands on Earth. Al resorts in the Maldives are their own island – so choose widely in terms of amenities within the resort. There is no agriculture and no industry and the turquoise lagoons are warm and crystal clear. The Maldives are made up of 26 coral atolls in a chain reaching down to cross the equator. Within those 26 atolls are roughly 1,200 islands and of these around 200 are inhabited and 100 are resorts. The sea planes from Male to your resort are truly breathtaking rides.


The tropical island of Mauritius, is home to stunning beaches, natural attraction, and some of the rarest plants and animals around. It is also best known for luxury hotels on white sand beaches with volcanic mountain backdrops. It is an island for exploring, with Indian temples, colonial houses, botanical gardens, and opportunities to spot rare birds among soaring ebony trees, walk with lions or swim with dolphins. Mauritians, a fusion of French, Indian, Creole and Chinese peoples, are renowned for their hospitality and visitors to the islands generally rave about the service.  So kick back, relax and soak up the sand and surf.


Scattered across the Indian Ocean like a trail of crumbs, the 115 islands of the Seychelles are not paradise – they are far more interesting. The Seychelles can deliver the tropical romantic ideal, often to a stupendous degree, but it is not a destination where you should expect to fly in and find heaven waiting in the arrivals hall. It comes only to those who find the right hotel at the right time, depending whether you want to dive, fish, sail or watch birds or turtles – or just walk along the beach holding hands.



Mauritius was fantastic! We loved the Four Seasons Mauritius and all the free perks you were able to get us! 

Marc & Danielle Caron

Africa and Mauritius, May 2018

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Whether you’re interested in a private-island retreat, the best coral atolls or experiencing genuine island life,

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Looking to extend your trip?

The Indian Ocean destinations tie in perfectly as part of an itinerary featuring a wide variety of experiences to suit any interest. A classic combination is to combine an African safari with a beach stay in either the Seychelles or Mauritius. The easiest connections are from South Africa, Tanzania and Kenya. Sri Lanka combines wonderfully well with the Maldives (only an hour’s flight between the two), and Kerala is also really popular. Many bespoke clients are now tying together Northern India (for example Rajasthan or a Tiger Safari) with the Maldives – the ultimate combination of culture and beach. Oman and the Middle East, such as Dubai combine well with all three destinations due to the many Middle Eastern carriers opening Indian Ocean routes. You can even combine a remote desert experience with a tropical beach to finish! Less common combinations include Turkey and the Maldives, Ethiopia and the Seychelles and IndoChina and the Maldives – whatever combination you want, we will find a way to make it happen!

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